Divorce Express is for you if . . .

You want to proceed quickly;
You want to save money;
You want to reduce emotional pain;
You are mature;
You are an honest person;
You want to take the high road;
You enjoy your privacy;
You understand that you and your spouse can disagree on issues but that you can agree to disagree;
You want to make decisions for yourself and your family; and
You want to walk away from your marriage knowing that you did the right thing.

Attorney Reggie Smith’s divorce services is not for you if . . .

You tend to be a bully;
You want to take advantage of your spouse;
You want to hide marital assets;
You tend to be dishonest in dealings with others;
You tend to be sneaky;
You enjoy inflicting emotional pain on others;
You enjoy airing your dirty laundry in public; and
You want strangers to make important decisions for you and your family.

Reginald W. Smith, Attorney at Law - Alabama Uncontested Divorces